The websites of my inspiring friends (in alphabetical order)!





体にやさしいおやつカフェ:  cafe citron




My old friend, Rumi and her husband started a cafe at their house in Yamanakako in 2013. Her handmade sweets are not only delicious but also healthy and safe. The cafe interior is relaxing and cozy with finely selected antique furniture. I am determined that my next exhibition in Yamanakako must be here! 




子どもの興味と発達に合わせて効果的に学ぶイングリッシュ・スクール: DaVinci


〈あらゆる方面に天才的な能力を発揮したレオナルド・ダ・ビンチの学習方法は、子どもが成長していく過程そのもの。本来子どもは学びの天才!〉・・・との信念のもと、子どもの興味や発達に合わせて、必要な順番で効果的に学習していく、子どものためのイングリッシュ・スクールです。主宰の首藤浩子さんは、成人したお子さんを2人持ちながらもとてもチャーミングでエネルギッシュな方で、年齢の差を超えて友人と言い合える仲です(!)。現在私もこちらのDaVinci English Art Classで講師を担当しています(*写真等のアップはDaVinciサイトに移行しました)。


My friend, Hiroko Sudo started an English school called DaVinci, with a belief that children are all genius learners like Leonardo da Vinci. The school offers the most effective approach to every child according to their own growth level and interest. I am a course instructor of DaVinci English Art Class.




山梨からおいしいもも・ぶどうをお届け: フルーツファームミサワ Fruit Farm Misawa




If you know a bit about Yamanashi-Pref. you know it is famous for its fruits, especially peaches and grapes. Fruit Farm Misawa produces the best quality peaches and grapes in Japan; they are well awarded for their productions. They are also environmentally-friendly farmers, abandoning any chemical fertilizers. Since the product is delivered directly from the farm, it's high-quality/low price, freshly picked on the morning of delivery.




子育ての合間に作る、ゆるりとハッピーなアクセサリー: 糸工房 Yu ru ri




Emi is one of my good friends since high school and she is now a creator of tatting lace accessaries, as well as a mother of three-year-old daughter! She makes various kinds of beautiful and delicate designs and sells them online.  Her work-hour is only after her child fall asleep, so the process maybe rather "slow" (yururi). But that's another enjoyment at purchasing her work… to excitingly wait for thearrival! She sometimes sells at local events, too, so please check her schedule on Facebook as well ;)





ネパールの子どもの未来に花を: NPO法人 日本・ネパール文化交流倶楽部  (Japan-Nepal Cultural Exchange Club) 



A friend of mine, Ms. Ryoko Suzuki is a sub director of Japan-Nepal Cultural Exchange Club, a NPO corporation based in Sendai, Miyagi-Pref. Their main activity is called "Future Flower Fund" and is a system that enables the Nepalese children who cannot go to school to go to school by sending 1,000 yen/month (in actuality 15,000 yen/year incl. the operating cost of 3,000 yen/year). About once a year, a tour is planned to visit the children in Nepal. How about spending your 1,000 yen for the "future flowers" =children in Nepal?




ワイン素人によるワイン通販ストア: Tasting Room Store




My college friend, Nobori and her husband run an online shop for selected wines. They claim to be the amateurs of wines: meaning no sommelier license obtained, but their motto is that wines are for everybody who doesn't even know a thing about it! For that belief, they select wines solely for the taste (that they think is good) and offer at a reasonable price.  I have exhibited my works twice at their wine-tasting parties. Nobori was kind enough to send me a surprise gift of wine on my last exhibition…!




立川流落語家: 立川志の八 公式サイト




Mr. Shinohachi Tatekawa is a rakugo performer from Yokohama. Rakugo is a traditional story-telling art/comedy started in Edo era, and he is the second disciple for his master: Shinosuke Tatekawa, who is one of the most known and popular rakugo performers today. I met Mr. Shinohachi at an English rakugo event at my home church (Yokohama Union Church). My first work with him was as a translator, but now I'm in charge of his logo and other related items. 







Kenji Ozawa 小沢健二: ひふみよ Official Site




This is an extra link in this section (as Mr. Kenji Ozawa, a famous singer & song-writer in Japan is not of my acquaintance at all!) but I was greatly impressed, inspired and pondered by his writings this year. His father (Mr. Toshio Ozawa: a professor of German Literature) issues seasonal magazines about old folk tales, and Mr. Kenji Ozawa write a series called "Usagi!" (literally translated as "Rabbit!"). His stories have given me a great insight into the world politics/history/economy etc. and have been broadening my eyes. 








3.26 絵本の動画アップしました。

Posted a demo-reading of my picture book on YouTube!


2.4 Instagram始めました!Started Instagram!