I'm back and I'm not quite back...

奇跡の記念写真!My nephew isn't angry or anything...
奇跡の記念写真!My nephew isn't angry or anything...






On the way to Luzern, Switerland
On the way to Luzern, Switerland



I'm back from a trip to Europe! Such a wonderful time and I still cannot really accept my reality yet… 


I had a really amazing surprise at Amsterdam where I landed for a transit on the way. When I was about to leave an airport restroom there, somebody called my name, "Hanae?" and there stood my eldest sister and her daughter!! What a surprise! but we were very happy and just amazed at the coincidence that happened at the most unlikely place to happen!! But thanks to that, I was assured that this trip is protected and everything will be alright. Unlike my transit, which took more than 6 hours, my sister's was pretty smooth so we could only stay together for about 20 min.. We said good-bye till the brother's wedding (both of us were heading toward our brother's wedding in France). After that, I found a cozy reclined chair in an isolated place, took a nap, got to the gate and finding that my seat was upgraded for a business class for the first time!

Wow I told you this trip is going to be alright, but it ended up to be more than just alright…, it was wonderful!! More stories coming up...


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2020. 5.14. iichiオンラインショップからも『クサボケちゃん』が購入できるようになりました。


3.6. 『クサボケちゃん』がプレスリリースされました!

"Kusaboke-chan" is press-released!



3.6. Contactより『クサボケちゃん』がご注文いただけます。

You can order "Kusaboke-chan" from Contact