Colors of Autumn









Went to a hiking at Mt. Mitake in Okutama, Tokyo, on the following weekend after my solo exhibition. Hiking is almost the only outdoor sport I am willing to do myself (I like other sports too, but need to be called by other people!). I like how I am urged by the autumn's dry and mild climate, so precious between the steamy hot summer and chilly winter season. Since I grew up in a forest (sort of), I need lots of greens around me and every time I am soaked in such an environment, I feel that nature is the best museum after all.


Unfortunately, however, my condition wasn't too good, and I had had the most weird sweat ever! And as I climbed down, the back of my right knee (where I hurt at Mt. Fuji climbing in the summer which I haven't had a chance to mention until now) started hurt the same way, and I was thankful to have the cable car and bus to go back to the station... I guess I need more workout, but surely I will look for some more chances to hike this year... ;)


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"Kusaboke-chan" is press-released! 


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