Moon Moon Moon

木に月ふたつ A Tree with Two Moons Sumi ink on Kent paper 2004? ©︎ Hanae Tanazawa
木に月ふたつ A Tree with Two Moons Sumi ink on Kent paper 2004? ©︎ Hanae Tanazawa













I've moved to a new apartment last October (a month before my show, which was pretty hectic), and other than the rent, space and the location, I had a hopeful condition, which was to have a view of the moon from my room. And luckily enough, I am living in a place where all the conditions met (thank you God)!


I'm having a break from making new artworks now; for one thing I think it's because I need to charge more creative energy now (to me last year was pretty active), but for another, I felt something wasn't quite right about my room. So I moved around all my furnitures which were once settled, and put my bed to the other side of the room, and now it seems everything's working! By that, now I can view the moon while eating dinner, watching TV and being in the bed... What a shame I didn't see it until now...!


But I guess this is another example that things need to be examined from all the possible angles there are.



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"Kusaboke-chan" is press-released! 


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